About Us

SanePanda started in December 2022 is a new age information portal for the GenZ. SanePanda focuses on all latest and breaking news from all around the world. We cover genres like sports, world news, entertainment, amazing facts, science and also new age technology like blockchain.

Apart from global updates SanePanda also publishes case studies on major Geo-Political events like Economic warfare between countries like USA, Russia and China. We publish studies which are not usually published by mainstream media, studies which are easier for today’s youth to understand without going into finer details of the subject. Approximately 2 such case studies are published weekly for the users. We try to stay neutral in our studies, so as to present the information without any political bias. Apart from geopolitics we also publish interesting case studies on brands and businesses which can give guidance to entrepreneurs and budding businesses.

Our mission is to provide news and information to todays youth without any political or ideological bias, so that people can curate their own perception. While mainstream media today is driven by profits and TRP we try to present the news as raw as possible. Our goal is to reach audience globally and present them something which would never be covered by mainstream media.

We have a small team of 4 enthusiastic individuals who are working hard to bring the best to you, we don’t ask for donations or subscriptions. All we want is your support and trust to scale to greater heights in the future.

Team SanePanda

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