Old Pension Scheme: Finance Minister made a big announcement regarding old pension! 

There is big news for Central Government Employees across the country. In many states of the country where old pension has been implemented. At the same time, a big announcement has been made by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman regarding the old pension. The announcement made by him regarding the old pension (OPS) will give relief to the employees. Let us tell what is the plan of the government regarding the old pension.

Government employees can now also get the benefit of the old pension. Despite the new pension scheme, employees can take advantage of the old pension scheme. For this, the government has constituted a committee to select the option of the old pension scheme. This committee will also popularize the new pension scheme like the old pension scheme. In this too, the focus will be on returns and earnings with guarantees.

Finance Ministry is reviewing (Old Pension Scheme)

The central government is planning in such a way that the benefits of the old pension scheme are available in the new pension scheme itself. Although the government has not made any such announcement so far, the Finance Ministry is reviewing the guaranteed returns in the New Pension Scheme. There is a plan in this that in the new pension scheme itself, the benefit of the old pension scheme will be available. At present, the old pension has been implemented for employees by many state governments.

You will get many benefits

The central government’s guaranteed pension system is going to come in new pension also, which will give more benefits to central government employees, the same government is also planning to increase its participation in it to more than 14%. It is the effort of the government to increase its participation without burdening the exchequer.

There are the benefits of an old pension (Old Pension Scheme)

The old pension scheme has many advantages. Its biggest advantage is that it is made based on the last drawn salary. At the same time, DA increases when the inflation rate increases, and even when the government implements the new pay commission, the pension increases.

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