10 Times Priyanka Chopra Had Embarrassing ‘Oops’ Moments

Assuming there is one thing that Bollywood celebs reliably wind up in, that is examination and discussions for anything they do. In the town of glitz and fabulousness, the crowd generally anticipates flawlessness.

One small snap from the assumption of flawlessness and the world torches like a horrendous experience for the entertainers and entertainers.

In this story we will be taking a gander at Priyanka Chopra and seven such minutes where she failed to understand the situation.

Some time prior, Priyanka Chopra was found in a dark botanical dress where she went for a supper with her hubby, Nick Jonas. Tragically, in spite of her frantic requests to cover her closet breakdown with her vanity sack, it actually had chance.

priyanka chopra oops moment

While shooting a heartfelt scene in Focal Park, New York, close by Adam Devine, she was wearing on a virus pink dress. Causing her a deep sense of hardships, Adam Devine was seen snatching her from the back and in the process one side of her dress slipped and her cleavage got uncovered.

priyanka chopra groped

One more humiliating second for her was at the Vanity Fair all-nighter close by Scratch Jonas. Their PDA was spotted on the camera and her closet breakdown was additionally obvious as her plunging neck area got noticeable while giggling.

priyanka chopra hot boobs
priyanka chopra cleavage

In a show where Priyanka Chopra was delegated India’s glitz diva, she looked ravishing in the short dress yet she was unable to prevent from her underwear getting spotted.

priyanka chopra

Pee Cee was confronting closet breakdown in a dark calfskin dress during a party whicb uncovered a few characteristics of her.

priyanka chopra
priyanka chopra boobs

In a send off occasion of the melody ‘I can’t make you love me’ she was found in a net skirt and an edited Shirt however the electric lamps made the bra plainly noticeable.

priyanka chopra hot
priyanka chopra cleavage

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