Shocking! Man With 12 Wives and 102 Kids in Uganda FINALLY Decides to Stop Growing Family, Puts His Partners on Pill

Lusaka, December 27: The rising cost of living has broken the backs of many, but it has made some of them wiser. One of them is Musa Hasahya (Moses Hasahaya), a farmer from Uganda. Musa had 12 wives, 102 children, and 568 grandchildren. After taking forward such a big family, the 67-year-old has said that he no longer wants to grow a family. For this reason, his wives are considering taking birth control pills.

Polygamy is legal in Uganda where Musa lives. Musa and his extra-large brood stay in a compound with a 12-bedroom house in Bugisa. The man married his first wife Hanifa in the year 1971 at the age of 16 after quitting school. Two years later, he became a dad when his wife gave birth to a daughter. Musa married more women as he earned well back in the day. Arizona: Polygamous Leader Samuel Bateman Had 20 Wives, Many of Them Minors, Says FBI.

Strangely enough, Musa’s eldest child is 21 years older than his youngest stepmother. One-third of Moses’ children are between the ages of 6 and 51. His family says that they get along very well. All of them live with Musa on the farm. He says while he can tell his children and grandchildren apart, he does not know them all by name. Misheck Nyandoro, Who Has 16 Wives and 151 Children, Follows a ‘Four-Times-a-Night Sex’ Schedule Aiming to Have 100 Wives & 1,000 Children with a Full-Time Job of ‘Satisfying His Wives’!.

“I cannot tolerate bearing children any more because of the limited resources. And on that note I have advised all my wives of childbearing age to go for family planning,” The Sun reported quoting him as saying. Musa is now asking the government for help as he is struggling to educate all his children.

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