This beautiful actress found it hard to spend the night with a guy, enjoyed the whole night, got heavy in the morning, had to go to the doctor.

Actress Kubra Sait is always in the news due to her personal life. Born on 27 July 1983, Kubra celebrated her 39th birthday a few days ago. Kubra is known in the industry for the web series Sacred Games. In this series, she won the hearts of the audience by playing the role of Kuku. Kubra played the role of a transgender in this series, and she played this role so well that people actually assumed her to be a transgender.

Kubra has made many revelations about her life in her book, from his one-night stands to sexual abuse. Kubra is an actress-turned-writer and has revealed many secrets in her book ‘Open Book: Not Quite a Memoir’. Kubra is also an actress, model and host by profession. She started her career with Salman Khan’s film Reddy.

Her role in the film was very small, so she did not come into the public eye. After that she has also worked in films like Jawani Jaaneman, Sultan, City of Life. However, Kubra got its true identity through the web series Sacred Games. Kubra has also worked in other web series. Kubra revealed that she was sexually abused when she was only 14 years old.

And this was done by a family friend of hers, and she could not even tell her family. Kubra said that earlier she worked in a restaurant in Bangalore, the owner of which was a good friend of her brother, who also helped Kubra’s mother. But this same guy had sex with a Kubra one day, and that’s her shameful secret.

Kubra has revealed in her book that she has also had a one night stand and after that she got pregnant. In the year 2013, she went on an Andaman trip with a friend, after drinking she became engaged with the friend and the pregnancy report came positive. At the age of 30, she did not want to take on this responsibility, so she had an abortion.

Recently, Kubra has also become a topic of discussion due to her latest photo shoot. On the front, Kubra wears a long blue one-piece dress, and has light makeup. With this outfit, Kubra wears jewelery and high heels. Fans have liked this look of Kubra a lot and have also made comments like so hot, beautiful, gorgeous on her picture.

Apart from this, many people advised Kubra when she entered the industry, saying that Bollywood is full of monsters and demons. Kubra said, “When I was new in the industry, I was told that this is the worst place to be and would go back home. should stay And now that I look back, I couldn’t have found a better profession”.

Kubra continued, “This is the best place to live. Here people know you based on your experience. Much bad was said about the industry. But if people forgive and move on, things don’t seem bad. Which is necessary not for others but for oneself.”

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