AI Brain Scans: The picture will be made after reading the mind!

You all will be shocked if we get an exact picture of what you are thinking or seeing in your mind. Researchers at Japan’s Osaka University have done this using AI technology.

There is no scope left for the word impossible in the world of technology. Scientists are now engaged in realizing the imagination of a different world, which is full of possibilities more than the thinking of humans. Recently, researchers at Japan’s Osaka University have done a unique experiment using artificial intelligence. It is being claimed that through this, by scanning the brain of a person, the same picture can be made as he would be seeing with his own eyes.

This is the first experiment in the world of science where AI algorithms have been used to create images from brain scans. Through AI Algorithms of Brain, researchers Shinji Nishimoto and Yu Takagi of Osaka University in Japan have created high-resolution images of brain activity.

AI algorithms depend on large data sets. This was used to decode brain scans. Through this the brain is completely scanned. To make such pictures, the team worked which included many experienced scientists. The team led by Ariel Goldstein, a neuroscientist at Princeton University, did extensive research to understand the brain. Developed human-like conversational capabilities through high-end chatbots.

Dreams have an important role in human life. Sometimes dreams are so strange that they have no connection with the normal world. In such a situation, they can also be seen in AI pictures. If this happens, it will really make us think that can we capture the sensations now? However, neuroscientists from all over the world are making continuous efforts on the technology of analyzing the pictures made on the mental screen. Through new research by researchers at Osaka University, it is being claimed that this will help more in doing a brain scan.

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