BGMI Unban News!

PUBG Mobile’s India variant Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) game is banned in India from July 2022.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) fans in India have been waiting a long time for the game to return. But Krafton is expanding its workforce despite the game being banned in India. It is possible that BGMI may make a comeback in India soon. However, since the ban, there have been so many rumors about the game’s reappearance. The developer of battle royale games like BGMI and PUBG Mobile is expanding its workforce at KRAFTON.

After the launch of BGMI game in India, within a few weeks the game had become the most popular battle royale game in the country. Fans were waiting for this game after the ban of PUBG mobile. This is the reason why it emerged as India’s top battle royale game in a matter of weeks. However, after a few weeks, the Indian government banned the game due to security reasons.

It has been almost 7 months since the game was banned in India. Crafton has been pushing for the return of the game for a long time. Meanwhile Crafton has created 5 posts expanding its India team. Out of these, three posts have been taken out by the company in the month of January.

After the expansion of Krafton’s India team, it is being speculated that it is possible that the BGMI game may return to India soon. Although many big faces of the Indian gaming community have given many bold statements regarding the return of the game. Some of these are about the return of the game, while some are about the game not returning to India.

Things are not clear regarding the unban of BGMI game.  Fans currently have no other option other than waiting. However, no official information has been shared by Krafton or the Government of India regarding the return of the game.

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