Karan Kundra: Negative role models often create an all-black villain in people’s lives.

Actor Karan Kundra says that his new show Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal is very different from what is usually seen on screen. He says that his character has been portrayed in a unique way.

Veer Oberoi is a challenging character to portray because he can easily slip into the caricaturish zone. When someone plays a negative role, they end up making it an all-black antagonist, but they are not really that way. There is no Mogambo in real life, neither are there absolute good guys. Veer has his own standard of good and bad, he doesn’t care what people think of him. He is unapologetic and intense. It becomes difficult to make such a character rooted in reality, which is what I am trying to do.

Didn’t you think you might have trouble keeping up with the hectic TV show schedule when you were told about the storyline and character brief? But then you thought about it and decided that it would be worth it to have some new challenges in your life.

People have been comparing the show to Vampire Diaries, and he admits that this came to his mind fairly quickly. He likes both shows, and doesn’t see any reason why one should be better than the other.

It’s clear that The Vampire Diaries and Ian Somerhalder’s performance inspired us when we started developing our show, but we hope that our own unique style will make our show stand out from the competition. Fantasy supernatural shows are a very popular genre, and we’re hoping that our story and characters will be appealing to viewers. As long as people are interested in watching our show, we’re happy.

He goes on to say that during certain scenes, he feels like he is emulating Ian Somerhalder, and then he realizes that he needs to portray the scene in his own way. He admits that he is under a lot of pressure, and that sometimes when he does scenes in romantic shows, the director will say, “Tere andar ka Shah Rukh bahar aa gaya.” He says that as an actor, you have to ensure that you bring your own unique touch to the c

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