Why is extremely poisonous King Cobra Fed to Camel? You will be shocked to know!!

Camel is one of the tallest animals in the world. A camel can grow up to 7 feet tall and can drink 100 to 150 liters of water at a time. Camel is one of the vegetarian animals but in many countries, a poisonous snake - king cobra is put in the mouth of the camel. There is a big reason behind this, knowing which you will be surprised.

Why is a snake put in the mouth of a camel?

According to some reports, a dangerous disease occurs in the camel, due to which it stops eating and drinking. His body starts to tremble. In many countries, to cure this disease, a snake is put in the mouth of a camel (Why is a king cobra fed to a camel). There are many videos on the internet of a snake feeding a camel. It is said that this disease is so fatal that if it is not treated, the camel may even die. In such a situation, in many areas of the Middle East, people feed snakes to camels.

How are snakes fed to camels?

Let us tell you that snakes like the king cobra or python are used to cure this disease of the camel. In this, the camel's mouth is opened and the snake is inserted, after which a lot of water is poured into the mouth. By doing this, the camel swallows the snake. According to the information, the name of this disease is 'Hayam'. In this process, the poison of the snake starts spreading slowly in the camel and it gets cured in no time.

According to media reports, this technique has been running since the 17th century. Although scientists and doctors do not confirm this treatment. Not much information is available about this disease. In such a situation, we appeal to you not to try such things. If your animal is sick, then definitely show it to the doctor. Such techniques can be fatal to your animal.

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