No More Bike Taxi Drivers!

The government of Delhi took a big decision.

 The government of Delhi has become strict on using bikes or two-wheelers as taxis. The Delhi government has banned the use of bike taxis. After this, Ola, Uber or Rapido will no longer be able to facilitate bike taxis. What will be the impact of this decision? What action can be taken against bikers and companies? Find out…

Bike taxis will no longer run on the roads of capital Delhi. The government has banned the use of two-wheelers as taxis. Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot in the Kejriwal government said that the government will soon come up with a new policy for two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheeler aggregators. Earlier, the transport ministry had warned aggregators against using bike taxis, saying that doing so was a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. In such a case, a fine of one lakh rupees should be levied from the aggregators i.e., the companies. In this situation, we should know

that after the ban on taxies in Delhi, which bikes will be able to run? What happens if the rules are violated? What action will be taken against companies operating bike taxis?

Why was the ban imposed?

Actually, in the big cities  like Delhi the trend of bike taxi is growing rapidly. In this, only bikes with private numbers i.e. white number plates are being used commercially. There is an objection to this. According to the Ministry of Transport, Government of Delhi, private two-wheelers are being used to ferry passengers and earn money from them, which is purely commercial. Doing so is a violation of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Commercial use of a private vehicle is illegal. If caught doing this for the first time, a fine of up to five thousand rupees can be levied. If caught a second time, one year in jail and a fine of up to Rs 10,000. Along with this, the vehicle can also be seized.

A company that facilitates bike taxis through a mobile app can be fined up to one lakh rupees. Licenses of bike taxi drivers will be suspended for three months as per the directions of the Supreme Court Committee.

 The department has made it clear that such activities should be stopped immediately to avoid fines and punishment. Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot said that a new policy will be introduced regarding two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers. Aggregators can apply for licenses under the new scheme after this policy comes into effect. Bike taxis will be able to run after getting the license.

Only the use of bike taxis has been banned. That is, no private bike can be used as a taxi. Companies like Ola, Uber and Rapido use bikes as taxis and have been banned. That means now booking of bikes on these apps will not be possible. However, booking of car taxis will be possible. This rule of Delhi government has come only for bike taxis

 There were two reasons behind the rise in the use of bike taxis. First- it is much cheaper than cabs or taxis. Secondly- because of this people were getting employment. A ban on bike taxis will affect both. Now people have to book cabs to go short distances. Also, the employment of people who used to get employment through bike taxis will now end.

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