Club Italia closes the first phase of the season at the Centro Federale Pavesi in Milan. Sunday at 17 (free admission) the Azzurrine will host the Futura Volley Giovani Busto Arsizio for the 22nd day (11th second leg) of Group A of the A2 Championship. The formation coached by coach Daris Amadio is currently in 4th place in the standings with 42 points and is back from two consecutive victories, the last one achieved last weekend at home against Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como.

Last Sunday, Club Italia faced Brescia, second force in Group A, with a good collective performance that highlighted important progress both in terms of the game and in terms of approach to the match.

“We are working a lot, both in the gym and within the group, to improve our performances and we are very satisfied with how we played last Sunday against Brescia because the last match was the demonstration that all the work, we are doing gives results – explains the captain of the blues Dominika Giuliani -. We managed to play a good match against an opponent who occupies second place in the standings and who offers a very fast game. Our improvement is the result of what we did in training: we are each focusing on our own role to continue our path of personal growth and improve our contribution to the team. On Sunday we definitely pushed harder both mentally and physically to keep up and play it point by point. We’re working hard and we’re glad we were able to show it. We hope to continue on this line also in the second phase of the season”.

Looking to the next match which closes the regular season of this championship, the Club Italia spiker adds: “Busto Arsizio, the opponent we will meet next Sunday, is also among the top in the standings. I expect a game similar to last weekend. We will have another opportunity to meet a team that aims high and take another step forward. We will have nothing to lose and when this happens it is the moment in which we are able to push at our best. Given that the level on the other side rises, I think we will be able to raise ours too”.

REFEREES – The match between Club Italia and Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio scheduled for Sunday at 5pm at the Federal Center in Milan (free admission) will be refereed by Andrea Galteri and Ruggero Lorenzin.

LIVE – The match will be broadcast live on the website and in simulcast on the Volleyball World Italia YouTube channel.

CLASSIFICATION – This is the classification of Group A of the A2 Championship:

 1. Itas Trentino 53 points (17 wins – 4 losses);

2. Valsabbina Millennium Brescia 48 (16 – 5);

3. Bsc Materials Sassuolo 45 (15 – 6);

 4. Futura Giovani Busto Arsizio 42 (14 – 7);

5. Lpm Bam Mondovì 42 (2 pm – 7 am);

 6. Tecnoteam Albese Volley Como 27 (10 – 11);

7. Volley Hermaea Olbia 27 (10 – 11);

 8. D&a Esperia Cremona 24 (7 – 14);

9. Orocash Lecco 22 (7 – 14);

 10. Chromavis Eco Db Offanengo 21 (7 – 14);

11. Emilbronzo 2000 Montale 18 (6 – 15);

12. Club Italia 9 (3 – 18).

THE DAY – The matches scheduled on Sunday for the 22nd day (11th return) of Group A of the A2 Championship:

Sunday 5 March at 17.00

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