Visuals – Russia Launches Massive Missile Attack on Ukraine

The Russian army on launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine on 29th of December 2022, Thursday. Almost 120 missiles were fired from sea and air. Cities across Ukraine were targeted by waves of missiles in one of the largest missile attack since the beginning of the war.

Huge explosions were reported from cities like Kharkiv, Ternopil and Vinnytsya. Disruption of power lines and attack on energy infrastructure lead to power outages. 90% of Lviv remains without electricity.

The head of RMA Marchenko reported that almost 21 missiles were intercepted over Odesa by Ukrainian air defense system. Some of the missiles were even shot down using portable MANPADS by Ukrainian forces.

Ukrainian Solider shots down Russian cruise missile using MANPAD

Ukrainian air defense systems were also targeted

In the recent missile attacks Russia also targeted air defense systems of Ukraine and a few of them are said to be damaged. We are awaiting confirmation from authorities but few Open Source intelligence reporters have posted videos showing the damage.

Damaged Ukrainian air defense system as a result of massive missile raid across Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Airforce says that it has shot down 54 missiles over Ukraine this morning.

Visuals from Kyiv just when a Russian Cruise missile strikes the Capital
The head of police of the Kyiv region has also shared visuals of Russian missiles flying over Kyiv this morning.

A residential building is said to be damaged in the residential Darnytskyi district of Kyiv. At least 3 people are reported to be injured in the attack including a 14 year old girl.

Kyiv after russian missile attach this morning
Visuals from Kyiv after Russia’s massive air raid this morning

There are also reports of a S-300 missile falling from the territory of Ukraine to the territory of Belarus. Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko has been informed about the incident. There are not conclusive report whether its a similar accident to the one which recently took place in Poland.

Update : The Belarus military department has issued the following statement in the matter
” Today, at around 10 o’clock, an air target was hit by the forces of the air defense forces. Its fragments were found in an agricultural field near the village of Gorbakha, Ivanovsky district, Brest region. During the verification activities, it was established that the wreckage belonged to an S-300 anti-aircraft guided missile system fired from the territory of Ukraine. A detailed report will be released in the future”

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