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NanoShield is a Graphene-Infused Coating for Outstanding Shine, Protection & Easy Waterless Application. Coating a car over and over again is a thing of the past!

NanoShield 3-Layer Graphene Coating rejuvenates any paint job, adding phenomenal shine and long-lasting protection from scratches, gravel, water, UV rays, and beyond. All that with one quick and easy at-home application!

NanoShield 3-Layer Graphene Coating uses advanced nanoparticle technology that goes beyond any created to date. Designed to protect a vehicle’s paintwork, NanoShield features self-healing properties that keep any ride looking smooth, no matter the circumstances.
Waxes and standard ceramic coatings are outdated, a hassle to apply, and waste time and energy for short-lived results.
Being passionate vehicle fanatics, the development team at Badass Labs set out to create an affordable, premium coating that combines unbeatable defense with first-class aesthetics. After years of dedication, there is finally a product that customers can get excited about – NanoShield!

97% transparent and 200 times more potent than structural steel, the NanoShield Nano-Ceramic Coating fuses with the surface of any vehicle, helping repair paint scratches while adding a smooth, water-repellent layer and providing lasting protection from corrosion, salt, chemicals, and harmful UV rays.
With all of these benefits plus a quick 20 to 25-minute application time, it has become a favorite for anyone from RV and offroad enthusiasts to motorbikers, racers, and daily commuters. The endless stream of positive customer feedback speaks for itself.
NanoShield is the single most-reliable coating product with protection and shine lasting up to 8 months after just one application. It gives vehicle owners the results they usually expect from expensive detailing shops without breaking the bank.
NanoShield 3-Layer Nano-Ceramic Coating was designed to tackle the 5 most significant issues with typical wax & polish products.
1. Difficult or Expensive Application
2. Short-Lived, Unremarkable Effects
3. Weak Scratch & Damage Protection
4. No Water Repellent & UV-Protective Qualities
5. Muting of Original Paint Colors
NanoShield successfully solved all 5 problems and then some!
Thanks to the revolutionary properties of Graphene, the coat is nearly 100% transparent and enhances the vehicle’s color while providing an eye-catching shine and unparalleled protection.
NanoShield 3-Layer Nano-Ceramic Coating Shines & Defends with A Self-Healing Graphene Layer
Let’s dive a bit deeper and figure out how vehicle owners can benefit from the power of Graphene!

Graphene is a state-of-the-art material that forms a single, atom-thin layer that’s stronger and more resilient to damage than steel.
NanoShield uses a layer of Graphene for its self-healing properties, allowing it to mend scratches without help. It saves car lovers time, money, and, most importantly – worries!
Whether offroading through gravel, driving through heavy rain or blazing through the blistering sun-drenched desert, the unique NanoShield coating is a towel wipe away from perfection, every single time.

Applying NanoShield is as easy as opening the package and using the two included microfiber cloths to buff a few sprays onto a vehicle. It takes a mere 20 to 25 minutes and requires no water, cumbersome buckets, or anything else those outdated wax and polish products need.
NanoShield’s protective coat can last for as long as 8 months, during which insects, bird droppings, and sap can be easily wiped with a regular towel.

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