Big Jackpot For India!

Yes! Big jackpot for India. Around 5.9 millon ton untapped lithium have been found in reasi district.

And these discovery is not less than a jackpot because every year, India spends more than 8000 Cr on lithium imports. So the vision of GSI was pretty clear about finding lithium and cut off the imports. And finally  on 9th February they  announced the discovery of  lithium.

Just as the discovery of oil in Dammam, Saudi Arabia in 1938 changed their fortunes, similarly the discovery of lithium in India can changed India fortunes.

So currently , all the eyes are on India.

The interesting fact about the discovery is that if article 370 had not been removed, these people would not have known about discovery.

According to the study of GSI(Geological survey of India) these are these are the following regions where the probability of finding lithium is high:-

Kashmir, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh.

So now let’s talk about some reactions of the people on these discovery.

–>  As soon as India made an announcement, jaish-e-Mohammad  threatens to attack lithium mines and will attack the companies who steal their resources.

–> United states had send their  energy resources assistant secretary  Geoffrey R.pyatt to India to accomplish joint operation so that they can get the profit earn from lithium

–>Not only U.S  but there are many other countries who have their eyes on lithium.

Why lithium is so popular?

So now lets talk about the popularity of lithium.

So following are the characteristics which make lithium popular:-

1)Light weight of lithium which makes it perfect for the electric batteries.

2)Highly reactive property which helps in fast charging.

3)Low rate discharge rate

The most important use of lithium is in electric vehicles. These can be the reason for its popularity. Many countries like United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany wants to became 100% electrical vehicle market. Also experts says that black gold(i.e., petrol) will be replaced by white gold(I.e., lithium).

White gold is the future of India. The dependency on petrol is decreasing and on lithium is increasing.

So from these discovery India will not only decease its dependency on imports but  also become leading exporter.

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