504 Feet Height ….. Know How Grand The World’s Tallest Temple Being Built In Gujarat Will Be !!

This temple will be special in many ways. There will be neither a queue nor a jostling for worship in the temple. A statue of goddess will be installed at a height of 51 feet in the 504 feet high temple.

The construction of the world’s tallest temple has started in Ahemdabad, Gujarat. This temple, to be built at a cost of Rs 1500 crore. A statue of goddess will be installed at a height of 51 feet high and 400 feet long. The base of the sanctum   sanctorum of Jagat Janani Maa Umiya’s temple being built at Jaspur near vaishnodevi circle in Ahemdabad is ready. The opening ceremony of this temple will be held in 2026. After that visitors can visit and worship in the temple.

This temple will be special in many ways. Its design has been prepared jointly by German and Indian architects. According to Umiyadham  Sanstha, 1440 pillars will be installed in the temple. This would be a record in itself. Earlier, 800 pillars were used in the world’s tallest statue of Sardar Patel.

These days a campaign is going on amidst the construction of the temple, whose name is ‘Hu Pan Payano Pillar’. Under this campaign, any person can make a pillar of his name by donating 11 lakh rupees. So far more than 400 people have joined this campaign. These include NRIs along with Patidars and communities.

A viewing gallery will be built in this temple at a height of 300 feet, from where the whole of Ahmedabad can be viewed. According to Umiyadham Sanstha, after the completion of the temple, the German team will come here and check how strong the temple has become. Testing will be done for this. Only after this investigation process which lasts for 6 months, the life of the idol can be done in the temple.

 The special thing is that neither there will be a queue nor there will be any pushing and shoving for worship in this temple. Apart from this, there will be no arrangement to make VIP pass here. Escalators will be used to take devotees to the temple, which will take them directly to the sanctum sanctorum. Its speed will also be fixed. It will be run at such a speed that the devotees reach the sanctum sanctorum within 2 minutes and can do  the worship  of the goddess. Seeing the magnificence of the temple, there is a possibility of a large crowd here. For this, a huge parking will be made here.

The grandeur of this temple can be gauged from the fact that it will be built in 4 lakh 27 thousand 716 square feet. At the same time, its entire campus will be built in 30 lakh square feet. According to Umiyadham Sanstha, it will not be limited to just one temple. It will be developed like a tourism temple. A hospital named Arogya Dham will be built in the premises here. This temple will boost the tourism sector in Gujarat and make its identity globally.

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