An ancient system of practices used to balance the mind and body through exercise, meditation (focusing thoughts), and control of breathing and emotions. Yoga is a balanced state of the body and mind

Some Advantages of Yoga:

  1. It makes our body more flexible even a person can easily touch his/her toe and can bend down.
  2. It makes us strengthenable and protect us form back pain and arthritis.
  3. It is an easy way to lose weight by using different postures and have no side effect.
  4. It demands less time than the gym and other workout only 20-30 minutes enough to keep body in shape.
  5. It’s style seems very useful in all round fitness development.
  6. It gives relief from stressful and tensend life.
  7. It strength the immunity system, while contract and stretch of muscles.
  8. It can help in circulation of blood especially in hands and feet.
  9. It save from heart attack because regular yoga pose increase and boost heart rate.
  10. Regular yoga controls the high blood pressure problem.
  11. yoga practice keeps you happy and improved depression.
  12. It controls lower blood sugar and lower the risk of diabetic problems and kidney failure.
  13. It helps to focus on the specific things at a time and become able to solve problem and memory sharpen.
  14. It help to give sound sleep and make you fresh for tomorrow.

Some Disadvantages of Yoga

It is the fact that Yoga has many advantages which is very much useful, but besides this there are many
disadvantages which are as follow.

  1. Excessive and difficult posture can give physical injury, cramps in different body pasts.
  2. Bikram yoga is very long yoga which is not suitable for all age groups, and all gender.
  3. In some yoga it dehydrate the body and it is not healthy in fitness term.
  4. Choosing inappropriate yoga posture can effect badily in one or another way.
  5. Uneducated yoga teacher or instructor cannot help anyone to achieve the goal of life.
  6. Difficult yoga styles can lead fractures as well as severe ache in different body parts.
  7. Many therapist labeled yoga as injurious to health and body.
  8. Yoga postures are not easy to learn especially for the beginner it takes a lot of time to reach
    highest level.
  9. To see the good result of yoga, you have to wait long and work hard.
  10. Few yoga posture are not appropriate for expected mothers, the can raise their problem.

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