Bholaa Twitter review: Some people think this movie is a lot of fun, while others think it’s a disaster.

Today, Ajay Devgn’s new movie, “Bholaa”, was released in theaters. Many people are excited about it, and on Twitter, people are sharing their thoughts about it.

Sumit Kadel gave “Bholaa” four stars and said it is an action-packed movie with heartwarming emotions, great dialogue, and a well-written screenplay. He said the audience enjoys it so much that they applaud frequently after exciting action scenes.

Mr. Sumit wrote that Ajay Devgn’s performance is really good and the intensity of his acting on screen is really impressive. He says that Ajay Devgn did a really good job directing the film too, without making it too slow or cheesy.

The cast of “Bholaa” did a great job supporting the film, while the powerful music by Ravi Basrur added to the impact. Sumit thinks the movie is great for fans of masala and action films.

Aashu says that Bholaa is a movie with all the elements that make it a great movie. He especially likes the performance by Ajay Devgn, and Tabu is amazing in it. Aashu calls Bholaa a complete movie with lots of action, great special effects, and a gripping story.

A third person, Priyam Sharma, gave Bholaa two stars and said that it is a remake and a disaster. Priyam suggested that if you’re looking for a big action movie, you should not go because you will be disappointed. He wrote, to be honest, action is not for everyone.

Bholaa is an action movie with a lot of excitement and emotion. Rajat says that the scale and sets are amazing, and the music is great. He also says that Ajay Devgn is amazing in the role of the hero, Tabu is very cool and beautiful on screen, and the supporting cast is very good. He gives the movie four stars.

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