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8 aircraft of Indian Air Force landed on Saudi Arabian soil for the first time, what will Pakistan do now??

For the first time, 8 Indian aircraft landed at the airbase of Saudi Arabia. It is considered a milestone in defense relations between the two countries. Earlier, Indian fighter jets had not landed on Saudi soil. The Ambassador of India was also present on this occasion.

Indian Air Force planes have landed on Saudi Arabian soil for the first time. On 26 February, 8 aircraft of the Indian Air Force landed at an airbase of the Royal Saudi Air Force. It is being touted as a ‘friendly’ stopover where planes are refueled and maintenance checks are carried out. Before today, no Indian Air Force aircraft had landed at an air base in Saudi Arabia. This incident is being considered a historic moment in the relations between India and Saudi Arabia. Traditionally, Saudi Arabia is close to Pakistan in terms of defense.

It is being told that the Indian aircraft which landed at Saudi Arabia’s Air Force base included 5 Mirage 2000 fighter aircraft, two C-17 transport aircraft, and an IL-78 tanker. 145 air warriors were also present in these aircraft. They stayed overnight at the base in Saudi Arabia and left in the morning. Indian Ambassador Dr. Suhail Ajaz Khan and Defense Attache Colonel GS Grewal congratulated the Indian Air Warriors on this historic occasion.

The landing of the Indian Air Force on the Saudi airbase is bound to irritate Pakistan. Last year, the Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane made a historic visit to Saudi Arabia. During this also, the restlessness of Pakistan was visible. Pakistan is afraid that Saudi Arabia may join India’s hand for its defense needs. Pakistan has been training Saudi Arabian forces since the beginning. At present also a small contingent of the Pakistan Army is present in Saudi Arabia. If the relation between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia deteriorate regarding defense, then it will be very good news for India.

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