Hollywood Movies Banned For Children In North Korea: Kim’s Order

If children watch foreign shows, parents will go to jail, and wages will also be made

It is now a crime for children to watch Hollywood movies or series in North Korea. Here dictator Kim Jong issued an order saying – If children watch Hollywood movies or series then they and their parents can be jailed. Not only this, their parents will be sent to labour camps for 6 months and made to work as labourers.

Let us tell you that watching Hollywood movies and series is already banned in North Korea, but till now the punishment there was not so harsh. Till now there was punishment only for the children watching the film. Now it has been announced to give strict punishment to the children along with their parents. Children will be punished for up to 5 years.

Kim Sarkar said – If parents do not pay attention, then children will become anti-socialist

The capital of North Korea, Announced the new law during a meeting in Pyongyang, it was said that parents should take care of what their children are watching from time to time. If parents do not raise children well at home, then they will grow up praising capitalism and become anti-socialists.

It is already banned for children to watch foreign films or shows in North Korea. Earlier, only the parents of the children were let off after giving a warning, but in the new law, strict action will be taken against the child and the parents for the first offense.

This warning is not limited to movies only. In North Korea, if any foreigner, especially from South Korea, is found dancing, singing, or talking about a traditional dance, then he and his parents will be punished for 6 months.

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