Kapil Sharma’s new social drama is struggling at the box office.

Kapil Sharma’s new movie “Zwigato” is not doing well at the box office. People seem to love it, but it’s not making as much money as people had hoped.

The movie, directed by Nandita Das and starring Shahana Goswami, competed with the pan-Indian film Kabzaa and Rani Mukherjee’s social drama Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway at the box office. While some people liked the slice-of-life drama that focused on a world where the food delivery agents’ survival is contingent not on their hard work but on the revelry of the customers, the movie didn’t do well at the box office.

Nandita Das’s directorial venture earned 30,000 rupees on its seventh day of release, but it is expected to grow in popularity over the weekend.

Zwigato is a movie about a married couple who are struggling to make ends meet in Bhubaneswar. The movie is inspired by the current economic situation and the way that people are forced to work in the ‘gig economy’.

The drama is about an ex-factory floor manager who was fired from his job because of the pandemic. He later gets a job as a food delivery rider, where he has to deal with the ratings and rewards system.

Kapil Sharma previously said that he likes the story of “Zwigato” because it reminds him of his own life experiences. He wants to share aspects of his personality that go beyond his funny skills with Nandita Das’ direction.

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