Suryakumar Yadav’s recent performance in international cricket is highlighted by the Bold “Non-Negotiable” verdict of India Star.

Some people have been wondering if Suryakumar Yadav is still a part of the team for the upcoming ODI World Cup because he hasn’t been able to open the scoring in either of his matches.

The second ODI between India and Australia was disappointing for Suryakumar Yadav because he got dismissed for a golden duck. In both matches, it was Mitchell Starc who got the important wicket of Suryakumar on the very first delivery. Some people are wondering if Suryakumar is still in the team for the upcoming ODI World Cup. But Dinesh Karthik, who is a veteran wicketkeeper-batter, has a different idea. He suggests that the Team management consider giving Suryakumar some time off to allow him to improve his batting skills.

Karthik said that Suryakumar can be used at the No.6 spot because he has a different batting style when he is given limited overs cricket to play.

Karthik is saying that Surya is a very good bowler, even in shorter matches. He played two matches recently and didn’t play in earlier matches, so the team knows how good he is. They should continue to use him and remind themselves of his talent.

The coach wants to see if Hardik, who bats at number 4, can be used in the same way as Surya, who bats at number 6. He feels that Hardik is very good when given 15-18 overs of play, and that regardless of the number of fielders in the circle, Hardik can hit boundaries at will. However, if Surya is given fewer overs, 14-18, he is at his best.

India lost 10 wickets in the second game, and Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Marsh each scored 5-53 and 66. This helped Australia win the game by 10 wickets, so now the series is even at 1-1.

Starc, a left-handed pitcher, made the Indian batting team very upset by throwing fastballs and swinging his arms quickly. He took out the opposing team in just 26 innings, getting 117 hits in the process. Travis Head and Marsh both hit six sixes in their 36-ball blitz, then easily took apart the Indian bowling to win the game. Australia managed to keep the chase going until the end, and bounced back from their opening loss.

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